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Centering Pregnancy

Centering Pregnancy is prenatal care that includes your regular health check-up with additional time for learning and sharing. Groups start after the first trimester. You’ll meet with your healthcare provider and other women who are due near the same time for 10 sessions throughout your pregnancy.

Centering Pregnancy is the way for you to learn and experience your pregnancy with other pregnant women. Each session includes interactive learning that will let you experience your pregnancy in a new and rewarding way. Speak to a member of your healthcare team to enroll or learn more information.

How it works

You can do some of your own care, such as weight, blood pressure, and charting. You will also have private time with your care provider. There will be group discussion and activities. Snacks are provided and there is time for sharing with other group members in a relaxed and fun setting.

Who's in the group

As the months go by, you will get to know other mothers due the same time. Often partners and support people join the groups as well. It's a bond of friendship that can last a lifetime.

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